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Giving Up Books For Adoption

The following books are available for adoption. I will ship as many books as will fit in a large USPS Priority Mail envelope for $5.00 to cover shipping. (I will also do a small or large USPS Priority Mail box if you want multiple books, for cost.) Must pay via Paypal. No international shipping, sorry. Many other feminist-oriented books listed in my inventory, though I will include any of the $0.75 ones in this deal if you email me via this site -- that is, you can have them for the cost of shipping. I will try to keep this list updated but please email me before sending money (use link above) to make sure the book(s) you want is/are still available.

If you are a feminist historian, librarian or archivist, please contact me, as I have some original materials from the late 1960s and early 1970s, not listed here, that I am looking for a good home for.

Available Books in No Particular Order (updated 7/3/2011)

The Dialectic of Sex, Shulamith Firestone, 1970 (2 copies)

Making the Harm Visible: Global Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls: Speaking Out and Providing Services, ed. Donna Hughes and Claire Roche, 1999, autographed copy

They Will Know Me By My Teeth, Elana Dykewomon, 1976 (can only go to a woman, evidence required)

Every Day Is A Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women, by Wilma Mankiller, 2004, uncorrected proof copy

"And don't call me a racist!" A treasury of quotes on the past, present and future of the color line in America, Ella Mazel

Language & Sex: Difference and Dominance, Barrie Thorne & Nancy Henley, eds., 1975

NAAFA Workbook: A complete study guide (from the early to mid-1980s, when there was a lot more radical fat thinking going on than there is now)

Sappho Was a Right-On Woman: A Liberated View of Lesbianism, Sidney Abbott and Barbara Love, 1972 (this copy is falling apart but still readable in pieces)

Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement, Robin Morgan, ed., 1970 (2 copies, one hardback, one paperback)

Self-Published Pamphlets and the Like

Peace & Power: a handbook of Feminist Process, Charlene Eldridge Wheeler & Peggy L. Chinn, 1984 (2 copies)

Counter-Planning from the Kitchen: Wages for Housework: A Perspective on Capital and the Left, Nicole Cox and Silvia Federici, 1975

Three Thousand Years of Racism, Merlin Stone, 1981

The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James, 1972

Molly Molasses & Me: A collection of living adventures, by ssipsis, 1988

SCUM Manifesto, Valerie Solanas, 1991

Houseworker's Handbook, Betsy Warrier & Lisa Leghorn, 1973

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, by Gertrude Stein, 1933

Woman as Force in History: A Study in Traditions and Realities, Mary R. Beard, 1946


Quest: A feminist quarterly, Vol II #2, Theories of Revolution

The Dyke's Digest, Vol 2, Nov 1987

No More Fun & Games: The First Revolution: A journal of female liberation, Issue 5

Lady-Unique-Inclination-of-the-Night, Cycle 3, Autumn 1978 (a goddessy-feminist type periodical out of New Brunswick, NJ)

From the Flames: Radical Feminism with Spirit, Issue 19, Spring 1997, (a goddessy-feminist periodical from the UK)

Gossip: A journal of lesbian feminist ethics

#1, #5, #6

Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Sinister Wisdom

#72, Utopia, Winter 2007-2008

#73, The Art Issue, Summer 2008

#74, Open Issue, Summer 2009

#75, Lesbian Theories/Lesbian Controversies, Winter 2008-2009

#77, Environmental Issues/Lesbian Concerns, Fall 2009

#78/79, Old Lesbians/Dykes II, Winter 2009-2010

#80, Willing Up and Keeling Over: A Lesbian Handbook on Death Rights and Rituals, Summer 2010